About Us 

We want to provide to our guests a unique Experience during our cruises. Our boat "Navy Blue" has the maximum capacity of 6 passengers plus 2 members of the crew, so we can give a special attention to anyone who wants to come sailing with us.

Enjoy all the relaxing provided by a sail boat while you admire the beautiful south cost of São Miguel, a Sunset or just relax.

Let´s go fell the Blue sailing with us!

Our Sail Boat

Navy Blue is a Jeanneau´s classic model, is a Jeanneau Sun Liberty 34. It has 2 cabins with a bathroom in which one, a Kitchenette and a living room with a table, together with the outdoors's space provides a different and a pleasant kind of sailing to our experiences program.

With our boat the technology, the comfort and the tradition are joined toghether. 

Our Crew

The Crew members are a Skipper and a deck mate, both are very experienced sailors and the Skipper also participated in several regional, national and international competitions, winning all the regional ones.